Good morning!

Saturday afternoon my husband and I attended the state playoff game for 5A basketball at ORU.

Memorial’s Kalib Boone and Kori Guest each scored 18 points to lead top-ranked Memorial to its second consecutive Class 5A boys state basketball championship. But it took the entire team to win it.

Against Booker T. Washington. The state title came down to two teams. Tulsa rivals. May the best man win.

And they did.

It was the game of all games. 5500 fans watched as the top players from the state played their hearts out for the title. Memorial defending their title from the year prior.

I can’t remember watching such an exciting game. Except watching them play the night before.

They are good. They are beyond good. They excel. The talent and skill abound.

My favorite part is watching as a young man scores and raises his finger to the sky to give glory to God. Praising God for his talent and skill.

What talent and skill do you have? Do you offer praises to God for it?

Let’s all be thankful for our victories in life. No matter how large or small. Winning state or tying our own shoe. They are real. And never forget, God cares about each of them.

Congratulations Memorial 5A champs! Well done!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

Love and laughter,



I Am A Teacher

Good morning!

April 2nd. It’s just a few short weeks away.

First, there’s spring break. The school doors will be shut as students and teachers alike enjoy their week plus long break. From the classroom.

You’ll hear shouts of joy as the buildings are emptied.

Not so much on April 2nd.

That’s the day Oklahoma teachers plan to walk out. To strike. In an attempt to see salary raises. Something they have not seen in over a decade.

This time the school doors closing will not mean vacation. It will mean business.

And for every day that they remain closed, teachers and students will make up for them on the back end of the last day of school. That may mean no summer vacation for us.

As most of you know, the most recent Step Up Oklahoma plan failed in the House vote last month. As teachers marched at the State Capitol, legislators did not listen. Hopes are that in power, with great organization, maybe they’ll listen now.

I am a teacher.

I stay late each day. Working. On lesson plans. Grading papers. Making copies. Writing IEPs. Scheduling meetings. Attending meetings. Decorating my classroom walls with lesson appropriate instructional aids. Learning a better way to teach our students.

I rise early. I stop at the store and buy birthday cakes. And small birthday presents. And Takis. And pencils and erasers. And token economy rewards to motivate my students. All in the name of education. For the students.

In my room, we do reading. We do writing. We do math. But, we also do birthdays. We do holidays. We do manners. We do relationships. We do love. We do anger management. We do apologies and forgiveness. They know my room is safe. They know Jesus is alive and well both in my classroom and at Kendall-Whittier.

I am a teacher.

I teach the standards Oklahoma calls me to teach. But I teach more. So much more. We all do.

I teach life lessons that come our way. Those lessons that aren’t in the lesson plans, but you’ll carry with you long after the unit on fractions is over.

I care. We, as teachers, care. About our students. They become our own. We stand in front of them and take bullets if we have to.

We want to see them educated. Able to read. And write. And function independently in this world. And succeed.

I am accountable for what I teach. To my students. My principal. But mostly, my God.

Little lives are in my hands. I hold them gently. I want more than anything to teach and model for them the necessary academics to succeed AND be a positive example of what a healthy, godly life look like. That is my mantra. That is what and why I teach.

Please pray for our legislators. That they will listen. And act. And for our teachers. But more so, our students. For they are our future. They are the ones affected by this the most. They deserve our best!

In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us. Titus 2:7-8

Love and laughter,



Good morning!

Yesterday at 10:29 I had a wellness check. They came to my school.

I dreaded the results, most of which I’ll get back next week in an email.

On some I had instant feedback. Like my weight and blood pressure. Both of which were abnormally high for me. I was well aware of the weight increase. Fat and happy. That’s me since I got married. And add in the stress eating at work while writing IEPs. But my blood pressure is never elevated.

I’m getting old. My metabolism is changing. My lifestyle needs to change right along with it..

Less is more. Less stress. Less food and drink. Less chocolate. Ok maybe more dark chocolate.

More exercise.

Moderation. Not everything that tastes good or looks good is necessarily good for me. And I refuse to be enslaved to a size bigger jeans! Spring is right around the corner.

Here’s to 5Ks and yoga and popcorn and veggies. Heres to walking away from work and taking time for myself to refurl and relax. Heres to givong my stress to Hod in prayer.

Yesterday was the kickstart I needed. After the giant cookie of course we received during parent teacher conferences. I had to have fuel to make it ’til 7!

Today’s a new day. Here’s to more of those things in life that are helpful.

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

Love and laughter,



Modified Lockdown Drill

Good morning!

Since the recent Florida school shooting, we have had to perform practice drills and speak to our students about that which we never want to speak to them about.

All clear.

Those are the magic words we all patiently long to hear.

Last week was different. We had a lock down drill and no all clear. Something was going on in our neighborhood. 40 minutes of silence. Doors locked. Shades closed. No all clear.


That was my magic word. Not all clear.

What magic word do you turn to in times of need?

For most of our children, it’s mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, teacher. I too, want to run to the open arms of my father in times of need. My heavenly Father.

I can tell you at that particular moment when we had the lockdown, it was my plan period. I was in my room alone. I followed the procedures to a T. I stayed inside my room, there for 40 minutes with no communication with anyone. Except my God. It truly made me uncomfortable. Not for my own safety., but more so that I was not able to communicate with others in my school. More so that I was alone. I was not protecting anyone. I was useless.

I am almost 60 years old, and have lived life to its fullest. I love the Lord, and feel confident of where I would go upon my demise. I wanted to run out of the room once I knew that it was not just a drill to a room nearby that I knew had students. If they would only open it for me to enter, to help protect them. But I knew that was not protocol, so I simply sat and waited and prayed. I prayed to God that we were all safe within the walls of Kendall- Whittier. I prayed that whatever was going on that triggered a drill would be peacefully ended, and I prayed for all the schools that have not been quite so lucky.

I never heard what caused the lockdown. All I know is that it stayed on the outside. We were rrstored to normal classroom activity.

In this day of turmoil and unrest, I pray that we all make good choices. That we think clearly. That we take time to pray. For guidance. That we are all there to protect. Our young. Until the day that we all hear an all clear. Jesus has come. We are all clear. To live in peace for eternity. A day that cannot come too soon.

Until that time, I pray for God’s hedge of protection on our young. In schools. And out. Against the evil one.

God may be banned from our schools. But He’s alive and present in my classroom. And in many schools and rooms and halls across our nation. To protect us. With his faithfulness. In return, let’s offer him ours.

But the Lord is faithful. He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessolonians 3:3

Love and laughter,



Lucky Penny

Good morning!

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking back to my classroom after finishing an IEP meeting after school, I look down on the floor because something caught my eye. It was a brand new shiny penny!

As a child, I remember the rhyme, find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck. Unfortunately, my school day was over, but I still had the rest of the afternoon and evening to look forward to. And if you wanted to be technical about it, I guess you could say, I did have a lucky day. My principal happened to observe me for my final observation that day, and although the electricity went out throughout the entire school in the middle of it, and my Smartboard lost power, and I had to regroup, I still went with the flow, and I think we pulled it off. In my IEP meeting, the parents actually showed up, so I guess you could say luck was in my favor.

I choose to believe it was God. By the way, I did pick up the penny, and stuck it in my drawer as a remembrance.

Do I believe in luck? Not hardly. Do I believe in faith? Most certainly! Do I choose to follow the assumption that dropped coins are from deceased loved ones as a way of contacting us? Not exactly! But if I was going to pick luck or messages from heaven above, I would choose the latter.

Let’s all choose faith over luck, penny or no penny. Let’s have faith in God’s favor. Not chance.

Only God can change our circumstances.

Do pennies really fall from heaven? I don’t think so. But, I do know every good and perfect gift does come from above. That’s God’s word. You can take that, and your pennies, to the bank!

Every good and perfect gift is from above. Coming down from the father of lights who does not change like shifting shadows. James1:17

Love and laughter,



Language Line

Good morning!

As most of you know, I work in a school that is predominately Spanish speakers at home. It makes it somewhat challenging to communicate with many of my parents since I am not fluent en espanol. Being in special ed, there are several meetings the parents need to attend. We need to communicate.

So how?


We have two certified interpreters on staff, but we are TPS’s largest elementary. They are spread thin.

So we use a language line. You dial a toll free number, put in your school code, your ID number, choose your language number, then an interpreter introduces themself to you and conferences in your parent.

It works like a dream!

Communication. It’s so important. The ability to express oneself to another.

Did you know we have a language line with our heavenly Father? 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Just like with most of my parents, except we can call him anytime! We may not communicate on the same language level, but we have the holy Spirit who interprets for us! We are able to share our needs and desires with our God. And even though an audible response is not spoken, we can communicate. And we don’t even need a phone or special number dialed to do it.

Our God is available upon our immediate need. He is omnipresent. He is always there to listen. His reply may not always be immediate. But sometimes that is our answer. Wait. Be patient. It’s not yet time. His timing is perfect. Just be still and know he is God. Once we have given it to God, we can rest in his presence, and let it go.

Behold, I am bringing a nation against you from afar, O house of Israel,” declares the LORD “It is an enduring nation, It is an ancient nation, A nation whose language you do not know, Nor can you understand what they say. Ezekiel 3:5-6

Love and laughter,




Good morning!

We are studying fractions in math.

Parts of a whole. You need to have prior knowledge of multiplication and division to understand fractions.

If you think about it, that’s kind of like us. We were created to multiply. To populate the earth. As we grow older, we learn to divide. We start our own families. We are parts of a whole. Members of our family.

We are all created as fractions. Parts of a whole. Parts of our own families. Parts of God’s kingdom. 1/2. 1/3. 1/4. 1/5. 1/6. 1/1,000,000

I long for the day I’m no longer a fraction. But whole. No longer divided from family members that passed from this earth before me. No longer divided from my God.

My favorite fraction is 1 John 5:7. And these three are one. Parts of a whole. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word (the Son), and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one.

1 John 5:7

Love and laughter,