Good morning!

I just this past weekend learned a new term, fascinators. From the Royal Wedding. The women attending the royal affair wore hats and fascinators. A hat fits the head with a brim. A fascinator is more like a headband, a style of millinery.

They were truly fascinating to look at. Each one individually created by desiigner milliners. And custom made to perfectly match their dress or suit.

It kind of made me want one. Mine would be black with net, perhaps a little white and maybe a hot pink feather or flower.

How about you? How would you design a headpiece that would fascinate others? That would be a statement of who you are for all the world to see?

We all know of a famous fascinator, the fascinator of all time, the crown of thorns Christ wore on his head. As a symbol placed there by his accusers to cause him pain and to mock his authority.

As I watched the ladies in all their splendor, I couldn’t help but think of the pain Christ suffered when he wore his fascinator. It was not a festive occasion. He wore it not by his own choosing. He wore it in honor of us. Each one of us, you and me.

Thank you Jesus for wearing a crown of thorns for me.

The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns, put it on his head, and clothed him in a purple robe. John 19:2

Love and laughter,



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