Good Morning!

I hadn’t used a sick or personal day all year. Until Thursday.

Life always throws a curve ball. Just when you least expect it.

I had to take a sick day. To go to the doctor. In Oklahoma City. And now I have to take three more for surgery and post op appointments. Before school is out.

I had to get a sub. Not just any sub would do. I needed one that would follow my lesson plans for Thursday to a T. You see, I was in the middle of MAPS testing. I had completed reading and Thursday was the day we would begin testing in math. But I wouldn’t be there. A sub could not test. So I created the perfect lesson plan. We had missed our Writing Wednesday due to testing, so we would move it to Thursday. I typed up a writing exercise. Two to be exact. One for the mothers. After all, Sunday would be mother’s day. The other was for teachers. The 4th grade teachers that teach my students each day when they are not in my room. It was teacher appreciation week. I wanted to make sure they felt appreciated. By not just the community, but their students.

Ms. Biggs was my sub. She’s my favorite! She has history at Kendall -Whittier. She’s one of us. She used to be a para there, and she often subs at our school. I’ve worked with her, and I love her!

To Oklahoma City I went. With no worries. I knew she had it covered. I returned on Friday to three neat piles of papers on my desk. The personalized I love my mom because assignment. The what I’ve learned in your class this past year…teachers assignments and the math multiplication worksheets. Graded, no less!

Do you ever need a “sub” to take your place in life?

There is no other sub for our God. He is the one and only. He can’t be replaced by any other.

I’m thankful I have such awesome resources to fill in in my absence. But I’m more thankful that I serve a God that is the one and only God.

Here’s to all the subs out there! Thank you! It’s not an easy job, but certainly one we teachers appreciate.

For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5

Love and laughter,



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