The Best Laid Plans

Good morning!

Yesterday I got the news. My assignment for the next school year. I will be teaching the same thing, 4th grade special ed. Math and reading. Resource teacher. Although I will be changing to a new room. From room 132 to room 139. Just to the end of the hall. I’m good with that.

I’ve always preferred the toddler age to upper elementary school age children, children with greater disabilities, and language arts, not math, so I never imagined myself teaching 4th graders reading AND math in my wildest dreams. But I have felt very led to work in Special Ed, and this is where God has placed me. So here I am.

It’s his plan. I’m just working it. It’s funny how the best laid plans we may have in life may not ever come to fruition, but the plans that God has for us all highly exceed anything we will do on our own.

Today, as you know, I couldn’t be happier in my life. It’s complete.

I love the school where I work. I have a fabulous husband. My dad is still alive and well living here with us in the home he originally built. That house is being renovated into a beautiful home. Thanks to my wonderful husband.

All three of my daughters are doing quite well.

My youngest just got their first home. She’s working on her nursing degree, and sh is expecting their first child any day.

My other two grandchildren are cute as a button. Their mother is blessed to be a stay at home mom with them. She’s .an excellent mother. They’re so fun to be around! In fact, I’m off to my grandson’s baseball game tonight!

And my middle daughter just happens to be vacationing in Italy as I write this!

Above all, I love my God. I’m blessed beyond belief as my dear Aunt would say. Life is definitely good!

What plans are you presently working that you are not seeing come to fruition?

If they’re not working, my advice to you would be let it go. And let God. Let God show you the plans he has for you.

The funny thing is they generally revolve around something that you are passionate about, but often times God tweaks them a little. To his liking not ours. And then they surpass your wildest imagination.

I’m hanging on to my physical right now. My vision. I want to finally submit and let God be my master planner. In everything.

It’s so fun to watch your daily walk evolve. It’s so much fun doing something you never dreamed of doing and loving it! It is so fulfilling! I don’t remember ever being happier!

I want the same for you.

The school year’s almost over. It’s time to let go and let God. Who knows where he’ll take you. For me this time my journey is short. Just down the hall to room 139.

I can’t wait to hear where yours takes you!

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11-13

Love and laughter,



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