Love Letters

Good morning!

On Monday we read a story in my reading classes about stamp collecting. Many of my students did not know what stamps were.

So guess what we did?

Writing Wednesday brought us self stamped postcards and stationary to learn the art of personal letter writing.

We watched a video from the United States Postal Service on how the system works as we learned how to address an envelope. We learned how important zip codes are, and how much it costs to send a letter from the U.S. to Mexico, which by the way is a steal at $1.15. I had purchased four stamps for just the occasion just in case any of my Hispanic students chose Mexico as their letters’ final destination.

We wrote to moms and dads and aunts and friends and even grandmothers in Mexico!

Good old fashioned snail mail! A dying breed, for sure. Who wouldn’t love a surprise letter from their grandchild a country away?

Did you know that you have your very own collection of love letters?

God’s personal love letters to you! The bible!

Let’s all read those love letters from God every day, and while we’re at it, let’s all reach out and send a card or letter to someone you love through the mail today. Unexpectedly. You’ll make their day, I can assure you.

For just a dollar and some change or less.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. I will build you up again. Jeremiah 31:3-5

Love and laughter,



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