Life Lessons

Good morning!

Yesterday brought back our students to their classrooms. Today brings back our postponed state testing. The walkout is over. Life goes on. We don’t miss a beat.

I’m glad I took part. I learned alot. Not from my classroom where I teach, but from the big classroom. We call it life. Life lessons are the best teacher there is.

That’s where you learn as a young child not to touch fire. It’s hot. You get burned. As you reach out and touch that birthday candle your mother told you not to touch. Ouch!

That’s where you learn as an adolescent that if you break the law, and get caught, you’ll suffer the consequences. That speed limit signs are posted for a reason. So are unmarked police vehicles. Speeding tickets are expensive. Double ouch!

That’s where I learned some people can promise you one thing and do another. We call many of those kind of people, politicians. They are voted in for the people. And hopefully they will be voted out in November for being for themselves, not for the people. By the people.

I learned these past few weeks first hand a little bit about my state legislation. And how it works. And I also learned a little bit about how it fails to work.

Life lessons.

The longer we live, the stronger they make us. Or sometimes they break us.

Here’s just a few I’ve learned along the way to save you the consequences for yourself.

You get more by giving more. You never really lose until you stop trying. You’re the master of your own destiny. You can’t buy happiness. And love conquers all.

Jesus was the master of teaching life lessons. Especially to his disciples. There’s a whole book full of them. It’s called the bible.

The biggest one of all that keeps me accountable is this.

But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgement for every empty word they have spoken. Matthew 12:36

That’s a life lesson we all certainly don’t want to miss!

Good luck on state testing! šŸ“”āœ

Love and laughter,



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