Good morning!

April 2nd.

One way or another, it’s going to be an important day around Oklahoma schools.

Teachers across the state will either be testing or striking.

We are scheduled to begin the Oklahoma School Testing Program for the spring 2017-2018 year.

In preparation, I completed training from my Building Test Coordinator (BTC) on our Professional Development day last Thursday. And my bedtime reading material last night was the Test Administration Manual. Work To The Contract will not hinder me as a first time teacher from being prepared.

Administration of the OSTP is an important professional responsibility I don’t take lightly.

As a teacher, sometimes I feel as if we place more emphasis on testing or preparing for the test than the actual learning itself. But, testing is important. It’s how we assess. How we measure our students’ academic growth and progress.

As a Christian, do you have a means to measure your spiritual growth and progress? Just like my students and their academics, we need to grow and progress in our Christian walk. Both from the heart and the mind. A little bible based learning would not hurt any of us!

Although, it’s true that God doesn’t offer us a paper/pencil test to take and pass to allow us into heaven, sometimes He allows us to be tested in this life. With trials and tribulations. To draw us closer to Him. His standards are much more different than those of our state educational programs.

He allows us free will. It’s our choice. Whether or not we care to learn. To delve deeper in knowing Him.

I seek his word every day. I want to know Him. His character. His ways. How He feels about everything. I want to be closer to Him! And we all can draw close to Him! Through His word. Reading our bible. And prayer. Our means of communicating with Him.

The choice is ours. Let’s all make good choices! Let’s choose to get to know our God. More personally. More intimately. Every day. And let’s make sure we all know Jesus. He’s the only answer key we need to pass God’s test.

My prayer is for every student to do their best on their OSTP! And every man to do their best to make sure everyone knows Jesus!

Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver, I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. Isaiah 48:10

Love and laughter,



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