My husband missed his calling.

As we relaxed in our hotel room after our stressful day at Crystal Bridges LOL, we flipped through the channels on our TV. We stopped on Jeopardy, a popular game show where the answers are given, and the contestants provide the questions. I jokingly commented that he could ace that show. So he played along.

Too funny! He beat the librarian on Jeopardy. He seriously knows about just about everything. He’s a regular walking Wikipedia. I so love his intellect!

I don’t hold a candle to his knowledge. But I know what I know. And I do know this. Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters most to God. God does not care how high your I.Q. or what school you attended. What he does care about is how smart you are when it comes to taking care of others, to sharing what you have accumulated, to spreading his word among his kingdom. What matters most to our God is who you know.

Do you know Jesus?

He is the answer that has been provided to us all. The question is do you believe in him?

Our reward to that question is much greater than any amount of dollar signs on a television scoreboard. It’s our future. For eternity.

Jeopardy. It’s more than a game show. Each of us is in jeopardy if we do not believe. Jeopardy of missing out on eternity. Eternity spent worshipping our father in heaven.

Let’s all believe today. That’s what Easter is all about. God’s love for us. Jesus giving his life so ours could be saved. And us accepting that gift, believing in him and God’s ways, and together living for eternity. It’s the only way to win. Why not play for keeps, the only game that matters, today?

Love and laughter,



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