Good morning!

It was spring break.

Everyone knows you have to go somewhere over spring break if you are cool. LOL

So we hopped into the car, and took a road trip. To Bentonville. To Crystal Bridges. A place we both enjoy, except I don’t think my husband will ever take me back again.

I was reprimanded. Not just once, but twice, in the museum! 😳 First, for sticking my finger in a hole in a picture. (They went all the way through! Please tell me you wouldn’t be tempted?!)

And second, for using the flash while taking a picture of the candy exhibit.

The exhibit precisely said the candy was there for the taking. You are told to touch it. And taste it.

So forgive me for taking a picture of it. Others were photographing many of the exhibits. Sans flashes I learned the hard way.

We were gently told where I could find the rules, guidelines, and policies of the museum.

You know what they say, you can dress her up, but you can’t take her anywhere.

The next time we go to a museum, I think I’ll hit the Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. A hands-on museum. It’s a lot safer for kinesthetic learners like me!

So on we went to Fayetteville, where I knew it would be okay if I touched things. It’s a college town. Pretty indestructible. LOL There we had one of the best steak dinners I recall ever eating.

And guess what? No baked potatoes at Does, just fries to eat with my fingers! And I could use my flash!

Touch. I’m a touchy feely kind of girl. The human touch. A hug. Fixes everything for me.

I’m a true kinesthetic learner. Seeing it or hearing it doesn’t do it for me. I have to touch it to understand it. That’s what got me in trouble.

Touch was important to Jesus, too. As he walked upon this earth, his power could often be seen manifested through his touch.

He no longer walks among us, but his power is still as real. We can no longer feel the power of his physical touch. Now we just have to believe. He’s still in the healing business.

Let’s all reach out and touch others. We all need the human touch. To thrive. No matter what our age. And let’s believe. In the power of Jesus. And let’s keep our hands and flashes to ourselves at our favorite museums. 😉

And all the crowd sought to touch him, for power came out from him, and healed them all. Luke 6:19

Love and laughter,



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