Modified Lockdown Drill

Good morning!

Since the recent Florida school shooting, we have had to perform practice drills and speak to our students about that which we never want to speak to them about.

All clear.

Those are the magic words we all patiently long to hear.

Last week was different. We had a lock down drill and no all clear. Something was going on in our neighborhood. 40 minutes of silence. Doors locked. Shades closed. No all clear.


That was my magic word. Not all clear.

What magic word do you turn to in times of need?

For most of our children, it’s mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, teacher. I too, want to run to the open arms of my father in times of need. My heavenly Father.

I can tell you at that particular moment when we had the lockdown, it was my plan period. I was in my room alone. I followed the procedures to a T. I stayed inside my room, there for 40 minutes with no communication with anyone. Except my God. It truly made me uncomfortable. Not for my own safety., but more so that I was not able to communicate with others in my school. More so that I was alone. I was not protecting anyone. I was useless.

I am almost 60 years old, and have lived life to its fullest. I love the Lord, and feel confident of where I would go upon my demise. I wanted to run out of the room once I knew that it was not just a drill to a room nearby that I knew had students. If they would only open it for me to enter, to help protect them. But I knew that was not protocol, so I simply sat and waited and prayed. I prayed to God that we were all safe within the walls of Kendall- Whittier. I prayed that whatever was going on that triggered a drill would be peacefully ended, and I prayed for all the schools that have not been quite so lucky.

I never heard what caused the lockdown. All I know is that it stayed on the outside. We were rrstored to normal classroom activity.

In this day of turmoil and unrest, I pray that we all make good choices. That we think clearly. That we take time to pray. For guidance. That we are all there to protect. Our young. Until the day that we all hear an all clear. Jesus has come. We are all clear. To live in peace for eternity. A day that cannot come too soon.

Until that time, I pray for God’s hedge of protection on our young. In schools. And out. Against the evil one.

God may be banned from our schools. But He’s alive and present in my classroom. And in many schools and rooms and halls across our nation. To protect us. With his faithfulness. In return, let’s offer him ours.

But the Lord is faithful. He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessolonians 3:3

Love and laughter,



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