Church and State

Good morning!

From as early as Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment, we have had separation of church and state. The Bible even speaks of such separation in Genesis: the institution of family, the relationship between male and female; the institution of civil government, our relationship with our fellow man; and the institution that addresses our relationship with God, the church.

Never before have I witnessed the two joining together as one. Until recently.

Evangelist, Billy Graham, was recently the fourth private citizen to lie in honor at our Capitol Rotunda. The joining of church and state. Accolades to such a life so well lived! Respected by both the church and state. Both political parties even concurred to the manner in which we paid respect to the man that counseled U.S. Presidents for decades.

I attended our weekly school staff meeting on Monday. We were studying Love and Logic. Our assistant principal reminded us that it’s very difficult to not want to do something for someone you love and respect. As teachers, we need to build those relationships first and foremost if we want to gain our students’ respect.

That’s exactly what Billy Graham did. He built his relationship with Christ first. So everyone loved and respected him. He lived a full life, living each day Christ like. A man like David, after God’s own heart. Not living to please man, but God. With integrity. No one could say a bad word about him. For 99 years. That’s unheard of in our human state.

Let’s all try and walk in his footsteps. All 99 years of them. Look at Abraham. At 99 years old, God made a covenant with him. He told him to walk before me and be blameless, and God gave him an heir, a son, in return. At 99, Billy Graham now walks with Jesus. And Abraham.

Blameless men. I challenge each of us to walk in their footsteps. To be imitators of their faith. We can at least try. It’s never too late to begin! May heaven embrace their new resident, a blameless leader! A man who both church and state revered.

Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7

Love and laughter,



One thought on “Church and State

  1. Dr Grahams death left me stunned. He was a man amoung men ethical moral and highly respected yet: he felt unworthy because he wanted to be able to do more for our Lord. Shouldn’t we all have that attitude have we done enough or our best for the Lord. I know I haven’t but that’s going to change with God’s help.


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