Change Your Toothbrush!

Good morning!

With cold and flu season running amuck amongst us, I just thought I’d share a little bit of trivia with each of you. For you germaphobes in particular.

As I moved into my newly remodeled bathroom, I cleaned out all of my drawers. That meant tossing old make up, checking the expiration dates on my over the counter meds, and refreshing my toothbrush.

Did you know that there are some 100 million bacteria or more including E. coli and staph that can be taking up residency on your toothbrush? There are approximately 100-299 living bacteria just in your mouth. Sorry to say, that makes your mouth about as clean as your bathroom floor.

Did you know that each uncovered toilet flush remains airborne long enough to land on surfaces…like your toothbrush?And if you store your toothbrush in an airtight container, the mold growth multiplies, not allowing it to dry.

Do you store all your family toothbrushes in one container? Did you know that’s the number one source of spreading family germs? Especially if one happens to be sick.

We all need to replace our toothbrushes at least every 3-4 months or when the bristles become frayed. We can all clean them in between by soaking them in peroxide or mouthwash. We can flush our toilets with the lids down. If we drop it, toss it. Whatever our feet tracked in, now is on our toothbrush. The five second rule doesn’t apply when it comes to fighting bacteria.

Have you ever heard the phrase cleanliness is next to godliness? Well, God cares more about you than your toothbrush!

Let’s all change our toothbrushes regularly. To be healthy. Let’s wash ourselves, and make ourselves clean. That means physically and spiritually. Let’s all do our utmost best to kill the bacteria, and the evil lurking in our lives.

Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean. Remove the evil of your deeds from my sight. Cease to do evil. Isaiah 1:16

Love and laughter,



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