Good morning!

Saturday was my grandson’s birthday. He’s six.

He’s big now. No longer an infant or a toddler, but an independent little boy, in school, growing stronger with each passing year. Soon to grow up to be a young man.

In the bible six represents man and human weakness. Man was created on the sixth day.

It was so entertaining to watch him open his birthday gifts. He had several. From all of his family. And they were all present. Several sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few family friends.

As he opened gifts containing clothes, he’d toss them aside to his dad. No thrills there. Man in his human weakness at its finest. Girls would be excited for clothes. Boys not so much. Let’s face it. Little boys want toys. Like guns. And balls. And there were some of each in the mix.

His parents have taught him well. There are guns in their home. Properly cared for. And he’s allowed to have guns as toys, but all in moderation. They are respected. Baseballs and soccer balls were just as prevalent. And the best part of all, is Jesus is also in their home. He was present at the birthday party, and his presence is there every day. As Tucker grows up.

My grandson is allowed to be a little boy and play with the things that little boys like to play with. But he’s also being brought up to follow God’s plan. From an early age. He knows there’s a time to worship and a time to do his school work and a time to play.

Sunday he worshipped. Then he had his birthday party. And he played. With his cousins. And his friends. And his new birthday gifts.

His birthday. The day we celebrate God’s creation of his life.

May his life be full of love and joy and good health and prosperity and all those other things that little boys are made of. And may God continue to raise him up to be strong and full of wisdom as he becomes a man. Just like he did his own son. And yours too. A man of God. One that follows God’s own heart.

Happy 6th birthday, Tucker! Grandy loves you! And I’m sorry about the clothes. That was your mom’s idea. Hopefully the slime kit will erase the disappointment of opening clothes!

And tbe child grew and became atrong, he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. Luke 2:40

Love and laughter,



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