Good morning!

Last night was pure bliss! A night of rest. Relaxation and rejuvenation.

My husband took me to The Mayo. It’s not his first time to offer such a treat, but it was so greatly appreciated.

We are under construction. With that comes a few inconveniences. Most of our personal belongings are packed up and in storage to make room for the workers. Most of the furniture. The pictures. The artwork. The books. We are operating on the bare essentials.

Then there’s the dust. The noise. The smells. Of paint. That accompany such an undertaking.

Last night we escaped it all. To a place and time where life is much slower. Less hectic. On weekends any way. Downtown Tulsa. To The Mayo Hotel, a historical landmark built in 1925.

It’s my favorite place of rest. In Tulsa. Other than my own pillow. 😊

And that I did! No thoughts of construction and IEPs crossed my mind even once! No pets unexpectedly joined us to disturb our slumber. No workmen rang the doorbell. Mission acomplished! My sweet husband’s purpose was met. We found rest!

Just like we have designed some of the features of our home with a distinct purpose, God designed each of us with a distinct purpose. To draw near to him and rest in his holy presence. He created a day of rest. The sabbath. For just that purpose.

When life gets hectic, no matter what yours entails, seek rest. Rest from this earthly place. Seek God. And his peace will find you. Simply be still, and rest in his presence. He’s got this. It’s his plan we’re all living out any way.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Love and laughter,



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