Win Win

Good morning!

This past Saturday was a win win kind of day. I love tbose!

One of my best friends lives in the Dallas area. Her mother had passed away in Tulsa, and she has been traveling back and forth to settle her affairs. Months ago, she ever so kindly had offered me any of her mother’s furniture after her own family had chosen what they intended to keep. I chose her mother’s recliner. It was a Lazy Boy in a neutral taupe color in pristine condition. I assumed her family no longer had anyone in their senior years to need it.

Recliners are an acquired possession. For those in their golden years.

I had just the taker!

My father, too, has a recliner. He lives in it when he’s not sleeping or eating which he happens to do both of in it quite regularly. His was leather, and it had just worn out. Oh, it reclines just fine, but it looks like it belonged to Methuselah He’d had it for decades.The leather where he sits had lost it’s color and was more wrinkled than he is.

Saturday was the day. She was in town and emptying the house.

I was to babysit the dogs of my youngest daughter on Saturday while they went out of town. They have a truck. (My daughter, not the dogs.)

Bingo! A few texts, and the plan was working. My husband would drop me off at their house, I would pick up the dogs in their truck, drop them off at our house, pick up my husband, and off we would go to pick up the chair.

The plan worked like a dream. The chair was waiting for us in the garage with three men to help load it. (Those lazy boys have some weight to them.)

We took it home, and out with the old, in with the new. My dad got a new chair. It’s fabric rather than leather, and isn’t as cool to the touch as his was. He liked that. And it rocks! Making it easier to get in and out of for him.

He was one happy camper!

Give and take. Its balance makes the world go round.

I gave my services to watch the dogs, and in turn I got the use of the much needed truck. The best part was I got to see my dear friend. And her sister! And thanks to her generous giving, my dad got a new chair. It was a win win! And it cost no one anything!

That’s what community is all about. Working together. Sharing with others. Helping each other out. We need more of it in our world today. What’s one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Thank you to everyone for your giving of material items, time, and services. Without you all, the well laid plan would not have been such a win win.

It is better to give than receive. Acts 20:35

Love and laughter,



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