Good morning!

As you can probably tell, I try to avoid subject matter in my blog that is not warm and fuzzy. My stories are simply about life. With all its humanity. But I try to steer clear of controversial issues. Like politics and packing. You know how I feel about religion. That is the foundation of my blog.πŸ•‡

I recently shared a brief piece on the State of the Union. That was my political post. So now here’s my piece on pieces. Packing. Guns.

I work at a school. This past week I had to talk to my students about the recent Florida shooting spree. Explain to them that some people are not nice. They are not well. Mentally. That public shootings attacking unarmed masses are extremely few and far between. That our students are safe at our school.

But are they?

Naturally, we all had to take part in an IOC drill the day following the shootings. To beef up on our security measures. instead of our multiplication tables like 4th grade students should be drilling on during that time.πŸ˜”

We all hurried to our safe places in our classrooms, closed our blinds, and locked our doors, we placed cards under our doors communicating all our students were accounted for. Then we sat quietly waiting for the all clear. Florida was not so lucky. They had no warning. No practice drill. They received no all clear that let life return to normal. Their lives will never be the same.

Guns protect. In the right hands. But, they also kill. When not in the right hands. Sometimes innocent people. For that it pains me.

I’m not a fan of guns. But, do we really want to live in today’s world with no guns? Probably not. It would not be safe. There would be no means of protection against evil.

Do I have the solution to stop the tragic unnecessary shooings? Unfortunately not.

Can I pray that all those handling guns will make good sound choices with them in their care? Certainly! We all can!

Will they? Probably not. Why not? Because our world is both good and evil. Until Christ returns.

Let’s all contnue praying. And continue making good decisions ourselves regarding gun control. And continue using watchful eyes for those out there who are troubled. To intervene. To stop them before they make poor decisions. Let’s befriend rhose loners. Let’s say no to games of violence. Let’s reach out to our hurting world with our love and our prayers. Until Christ comes.

It’s wrong to kill. For attention or pleasure. God tells us so. Let’s spread the word. By spreading God’s word. And his love.

Thou shalt not kill. Exodus 20:13

Love and let’s instill laughter in the classroom again,



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