4th Grade Duty

Good morning!

Being part of the fourth grade team now, as a resource teacher, part of my responsibilities are to assist with the cafeteria and recess duties. Every two weeks I alternate between the two. Hanging out with fourth graders.

Cafeteria duty introduced me to Takis. A lunchroom favorite. They are rolled corn chips coated in salsa. Certainly not for the faint of palate. Muy Caliente!

Temperatures finally warmed up enough for the students to go outside for recess. So this week I’ve been on recess duty. Outside. On the playground.

Wednesday was Valentines Day. Most people get flowers or candy. But not me (until I got home, that is.) Here is what I got.

Four teachers share recess duty each period. On this particular day, one was a sub and one had to leave to take two little boys to the office that were fighting and one was engaged in retrieving a ball caught in the tree elsewhere on the playground. Children’s screams left it to me to hustle to the scene to find this little guy basking in the sun. He was curled up in the corner of the playground, and all the students were screaming. Naturally some were poking at him with a stick. The boys. Others were terrified. The girls. I scooped him up with a stick and put him on the other side of the fence in hopes that he could live a day longer. Until he slithered back into the danger zone. After all, it was Valentine’s day. We all could share in doing some act of kindness.

Snake slayer by day, red high heels wearing, out on the town with my sweetie for Valentine’s dinner, by night. Oh, the hats I get to wear!

Never a dull moment. I love that about my job. There’s always a story to tell. A battle to fight. A tear to wipe. Somewhere.

Look around. You may not have the cafeteria of the biggest elementary in TPS or a playground at your disposal like I do, but opportunities are out there.

You can be the referee, the parent, the grandparent, the friend, the superhero a child so desperately desires. And needs. In a flash. To save the day. No matter their age.

For me it’s cafeteria or playground duty. For all of us, it’s our duty as Christians to do good to everyone.

So then as we have opportunity let us do good to everyone and especially to those who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

Love and laughter,



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