Survey says…

Good morning!

I received an email on Monday from state superintendent of instruction, Joy Hofmeister, regarding a recent survey reaffirming the reasons for teachers needing a pay increase. A $5,000 a year pay increase to be exact for all teachers across the board.

As we all know, NEA members across Oklahoma were called in to rally and went to the Capitol Monday as the house went into session to vote on HB1030, a $581 million package tax hike to cover the desparately needed raise in teacher’s salaries, something they have not seen in 10 years. And we also all know, they still will not see it.

The Step Up Oklahoma plan failed passing its 76 votes necessary for majority, 63 to 35. 😔

As many returned to their schools Tuesday morning heavy hearted from the news, I returned to this.

I may not have felt the love from my state legislators, but I certainly did from my admin. And it WAS the day before Valentine’s Day.

Sweets. Chocolate. The cure all for everything. We all know stressed spelled backwards is desserts. What better way to relieve the daily stress than a cupcake or heart shaped chocolate or chocolate covered strawberry?

Thank you to all for providing such sweet treats! ❤ You are truly the sweetest!

I don’t suppose those legislators had this in their board room on Tuesday morning from their bosses. Showing their love and appreciation.

Life goes on. A raise would have been nice. It is long overdue to teachers. Quik-Trip employees make more than teachers. We lose more and more students to other states to colleges and the workforce due to ranking 49th in pay to teachers. Who do you think educated those legislators any way? Teachers!

Scripture tells us the student is not above the teacher, although I’d beg to differ there’s a few of our legislative counterparts that believe they are.

Here’s to teachers! I bet if I took a survey of the most unselfish, loving, supportive, becessary group of people out there, that survey would say TEACHERS!

I’m proud to say I’m part of such a group. Just keep on doing what you do. The reward may not be seen on the legislative floor, but I can guarantee God sees it, and his rewards will be priceless. And eternal.

The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. Luke 6:40

Love and laughter,



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