Fly Over States

Good morning!

My husband was recently watching a video on YouTube about abandoned, ghost, and forgotten places.

Country songs are written about them. Those Fly Over States. Those states you seldom go to as destinations, but rather fly over. Sadly enough, I live in one of those states.


There’s no giant hole in the ground to draw visitors to come see us. No spectacular theme parks with castles or mice. No ocean view hotel rooms.

But we do have some of the best people around. It’s a great place to hang your hat. We have more churches and mexican restaurants and convenience stores than you can shake a stick at. The cost of living is not too bad. Although the teachers are not paid too well, we do now have Thunder, if pro sports is to your liking.

We all enjoy vacationing at those popular destinations. Those destinations that people fly to on purpose. Those with Minnie and Mickey. Beaches and bikinis.

But Jesus did not. He often left the crowds. Withdrew alone to deserted places. To pray. To seek his heavenly father.

How about you? Do you ever retreat to be alone? Enjoy your solitude?

I do! I’m a people person! I love people! But I love my time alone. Just like Jesus. To think. To meet with my father. To pray.

Let’s all enjoy those hot spots! Those popular destinations. Those with pleasant weather. Sights to see. But let’s all appreciate those fly over states. Those places, otherwise abandoned, left, ghost, or forgotten. There’s a wealth of treasures to uncover there too. Sometimes in groups. Sometimes alone. The choice is yours.
Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed. Luke 5:16

Love and laughter,



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