Not bad, just not good.

Good morning!

I have a student who is constantly getting up out of his seat and messing with someone or something.

When I inherited him into my new class, he came on an informal behavior plan which translates to it’s just not in my class that he misbehaves.

He carries a paper with him each day from his homeroom class to me, and we score him 1-5 on such things as work completion, behavior, attitude, etc. He takes it home each day for his mother’s signature.

It’s not working. It doesn’t phase him in the least. Something needs to change.

The other day I’d moved him to the front of the room, near my desk. (And also next to the pencil sharpener I realized too late.) The students were working on math worksheets, and I was floating around the room helping them with their independent study. I heard the pencil sharpener go off a few times and thought nothing about it. Students sharpen pencils all day long.

When I came to this student, his work was far from complete and most of his answers were incorrect, and this is what I saw.

He had seven more in his pocket. He was spending his time sharpening his pencils to a nub. Rather than sharpening his mind.


I had three daughters. This type of behavior was foreign to me. My girls just didn’t do things like that.

It wasn’t as if he did something wrong or bad, he just wasn’t doing something right or good, productive with his time.

I needed to change my thought process. He WAS good. Through and through. God made him! But his behavior needed a little redirection.

I’m old. With that I know I can’t change him. But, I can change me. I needed to beef up on boys. How they think. Strategies to teach by to engage them.

I needed to find a way to reach him.

I’m open to suggestions if any of you have any. If not, I’ll accept your prayers. I need help! To help him.

What I need is my father-in-law’s sage advice from years of experience to guide me. I miss him.

In the mean time to Google I’ll go to look up articles on the subject. And I can go to my heavenly father. In prayer. To ask for guidance. With his children. The ones he’s placed in my care.

I want this student to listen. To watch. To do. To engage. To accept my teaching as something important for his growth. His education. Just as God wants us to accept his sayings. His teaching. To help us grow. Not just educationally, but spiritually as well.

Let’s all spend our time sharpening things that matter. Like our minds. Until then, mechanical pencils, here I come!✏

Hear my son, and accept my sayings. And the years of your life will be many. Proverbs 4:10-13

Love and laughter,



One thought on “Not bad, just not good.

  1. Students like this young men can take a lot out of you ask Julie she’ll tell you maybe she can give you some suggestions on how to handle this problem
    Love you Aunt Joannie


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