Got milk?

Good morning!

Last night I stopped at Sprouts on my way home from work and picked up dinner. A roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a caesar salad. I already had fresh asparagus at home.

My husband called me as I was in the store and asked me to pick up some canned dog food as well. We were on our last can. Dakotah likes his gravy on his food. Spoiled dog!

After dinner we pulled out the Trader Joe’s triple ginger snap cookies. I asked my husband if he’d like a glass of milk to go along with them. He passed, but said “I meant to ask you to pick up milk for your dad when you were at the store.” 😔

So I quickly made a Quik-Trip run to get milk.

So quickly that I grabbed my keys and phone. But left my purse. My trip had to be repeated. This time with my purse. The funny thing was my husband had offered to give me money the first time as I was walking out the door and I declined, knowing I had ample cash in my purse to cover it.

I was just going to get a half gallon for my dad. My husband drinks almond milk, and I don’t drink milk at all. 2% only came in a gallon, so a gallon it was.

I carried it to the counter to pay.

A cute young bubbly girl was across the counter from me buying two energy drinks. As I sat down my milk she said to the cashier, “Put that milk on mine.” I surprisedly looked at her and told her that was not necessary, I could pay for it. I had money. Then laughed and proceeded to tell her how this was my second trip and it wasn’t even for me, but for my 88 year old father.

I recognized that she was wearing a Life Church volunteer sticker. I’d worn them a hundred times myself.After all, it was Wednesday night. Church night. I knew where her heart was. Her giving spirit. My oldest daughter would do the same.

She insisted on buying my dad his milk. I didn’t want to steal her joy. I’ve been there myself so many times. So I thsnked this sweet young lady so full of the spirit of God and off I went with my dad’s milk. The milk that I evidently was never meant to pay for in the first place.

I love how God works! So often in such mysterious ways. Ways I could never dream of, but am so touched by as they unfold.

Got milk?

I do!

Got Jesus?

I do! And so did that sweet young lady at Quik-Trip.

Whoever she was , her name I do not know. What I do know is we will meet again. In eternity. And perhaps then I can do her a favor. But for now I thank her for the gift she gave me. Milk. She provided for my immediate need. But more so for rekindling the spark inside me to pay it forward.

And that I shall. Today. I’m not sure when or how. But God already has it in the making. I just have to watch and listen. It will come. I know that. His timing is perfect.

Let’s all pay it forward. Monday’s staff meeting was on preparing for February kindness acts at KW. This just kicked it off on the last day of January. Let’s all share in performing random acts of kindness. Today and every day. After all, it is February. It’s the month of love.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay. Matthew 10:8

Love and laughter,



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