Welcome home!

Good morning!

I returned to school Thursday afternoon just as school was letting out for the day, and just in time to print out an IEP and attend the IEP meeting for one of my students. Friday would be my first day back to teaching following my bereavement leave. But Thursday, I had a meeting to take care of attending.

As I walked down the hall towards my classroom, several of my new students passed by me in the hallway as they were exiting. They greeted me with an enthusiastic,” Hello Mrs. Carnes, we’ve missed you!” It brought a tear to my eye. I felt at home. Where I was supposed to be.

I’ve only worked at that school a little over a semester and the bonds with the students are immeasurable. I can only imagine what my father-in-law experienced in his lifetime of education. Just the response we have received from the community about his passing has been overflowing.

Let’s all do our best here. On earth. Spreading the word, the works and the love of Christ to others. Let’s enjoy our work and our home. But let’s long for the day we hear our final, welcome home!

George Fowler, I hope you, too, now feel at home. Where you’re supposed to be. No longer in a school or earthly residence, no longer in pain, but truly home. With Jesus. And all those who went home before you.

You’ll certainly be missed here, but here is where you were only visiting. We all are. Welcome home!

And don’t you worry about old Midnight. He’s doing just fine here in our home.

And you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 1:11

Love and laughter,



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