There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Good morning!

Meet Midnight.

He’s our newest house guest. That will be taking up permanent residency in our home. We’ve graciously inherited him from my father-in-law.

He’s back! He used to be a Tulsa resident. Then moved south to Plano for awhile when my father-in-law did. And now he’s back. In a new house. With new owners. But same family. And same last name. 😊

We’ve welcomed him home. Back home to Tulsa. Another furry friend for our Dakotah.

That’s what we’re called to do. Be hospitable. Welcome others into our homes.

How about you? Do you offer your home to strangers? Help others without expecting something back in return?

Hospitality. We all should practice it. Welcoming strangers. With a smile and an outstretched hand to greet them. You never know when it might be angels you are entertaining.

Midnight has lost a great man as his owner and companion, but a little piece of that man will now live on in our house. Through a beautiful black cat. Named Midnight. And he’s already been spotted on my own father’s lap. Who says God doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing? ❤

The alien has not lodged outside. For I have opened my door to the travelers. Job 31:32

Love and laughter,



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