Good morning!

As many of you know, my father-in-law passed away this past week.

Along with the grieving process for the family, there are things to get done. Things you don’t necessarily like or want to do. But you must.

Things like calls to make. To notify others about the heartbreaking news.

Things like cleaning out their home. Going through all their personal belongings. Some of which will be distributed among the family and friends (like our new cat🐱), some donated to a good cause such as Goodwill, and some simply discarded. The three Ds. It’s a tedious, time consuming process.

Then there is the paperwork. To go through. The accounts to settle and close. The leases and contracts to break and dissolve. The plans for an obituary, and a service to honor their life. The pictures to sort through. The perfect tribute to a life well-lived.

Then there are all the memories you’ll recall as you go through the process. The tears and the laughter to accompany them. It all takes time. And coordination. And a village to get it done.

I’m thankful I work where we have benefits. Oklahoma may not be the highest paid state as teachers, but at least we have benefits.

I’m thankful to TPS for their benefit of Bereavement. Time alloted to you to take off to attend to such details. I’ve so appreciated mine.

Have you ever really thought about how important the benefits are in life? The insurance you pay into for when you need it? Many of us think it is too costly. But if any of us have ever had to use it, we mostly likely appreciate it. Immensely.

Have you ever thought about the benefits God offers us? What his insurance plan covers? At no cost to us other than to simply believe. In His son.

You may have health insurance coverage, but how is your spiritual coverage looking?

Are your monthly premiums paid up to date? Are you certain you’ll have unlimited leave from this temporary home we call earth once you pass? To a place called heaven? Does the current policy you are living under offer you eternal life? With no more pain or tears. I’m certain mine does!

Let’s all reap the benefits of the best leave, health, and life insurance policy around! God’s plan!

If you’re not already, I encourage you to enroll in it today! You simply can’t afford not to! I’ll take that assurance over insurance any day!

These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1 John 5:13

Love and laughter,



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