Man’s Best Friend

Good morning!

How can you not love this face?

He truly is my buddy. My best friend. The dog is known as man’s best friend. Or woman’s, I should say. Okay, maybe next to my husband now that I’m married. ❤ But, he came first, so he’s a close second.

If you give your heart to a dog, he will not break it. He will never lie, steal, or be unfaithful. He does not know how. He will not be unkind. It’s not his nature. He cannot speak, so no harsh words will ever lash out and hurt you. Q

Where else do you get such unconditional love as you do from your dog?

I’ll tell you where. From your God.

He delights in your attention. It takes so little to please him. Just like our God.

To walk with him is the highlight of his day. One on one. Just the two of you. Again, the same holds true for our God.

You are the apple of his eye. He never loses sight of you. That’s also our God.

My dog’s life is finite. Someday that bond must end. And then my heart will break. But not on any account of his doong. But not my God. That bond is infinite. For eternity. With him your heart will never be broken. Only healed. Of life’s imperfections. For he is perfect. In him you can always hide, find safety and security from life’s imperfections.

God. Not Dog. That is my true best friend.

Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me in the shadow of Your wings. Psalm 17:8

Love and laughter,



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