Stairway To Heaven

Good morning!

I grew up in a home that had a grand spiral staircase at its entrance in its day. It was open two stories.

To a child growing up, it was always very impressive. It was the focal point of our home. It was the backdrop for our Christmas tree each year. And my generation and my children’s generation used to play on it for hours. The corner where it made its first curve was the best hide and seek hiding place you could ever imagine. In its day it was our own little stairway to Heaven.

As I’ve grown older, staircases have highly surpassed it in its glory, and it was time for it to come down. To be updated. In the midst of our remodel, we are relocating the stairs and building a loft in the unused space above where the staircase once stood. The wrought iron banisters were removed first, and a crew of half a dozen able bodied men cleared it out piece by piece. Along with it, my childhood memories of running up and down them and many a hide and seek game.

Rewind just two short days. We celebrated my father’s 88th birthday, and a fourth generation, my two grandchildren, played one last time on those stairs. The stairs my father built.

A new and different set of stairs now take its place. They will serve their purpose, joining the first floor with the second. But they will not hold the memories the old stairs did. Of childhood.

My oldest daughter laughed as she recently saw the house in its remodel state. She always thought of it as a huge mansion as a child, and now in its empty shell of a house, she saw it much different. Smaller. Or was she just bigger?

I long for the day I walk on another stairway. Not necessarily the new one. That’s inevitable if I want to live comfortably in my own home. I long to climb the stairway to heaven.

The real stairway to heaven. Not the one from the song we all danced to in our youth. I long to not just purpose a set of stairs to go from floor to floor, but to witness THE set of stairs that my father also built. My heavenly father that is.

I long to climb them to go home. One last set of stairs. Ascending to heaven. To join those before me. But mostly, to join my God. To witness his splendor. In all His glory. And I bet it won’t appear any less grand to me in my older days than my youth when I first learned about such staircase. As my daughter’s did. For it will be the stairway of all stairways. For it will ascend to Heaven.

The doorway for the lowest side chamber was on the right side of the house, and they would go up by winding stairs to the middle story, and from the middle to the third. 1Kings 6:8

Love and laughter,



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