Wear Your Word

Good morning! 

I’m a journalism major. I love words. Every new year I pick a new word to describe my upcoming year. It is usually based upon my current circumstances. It’s where I intend to focus my direction the upcoming year. I’ve made them into necklaces to wear around my neck. To remind me.

In the past I’ve used such words as simplify, relax, novatourient, renaissance, and illuminate.

This year my word is blessing. To be blessed means to have been endowed with divine favor. It also means to be joyful for having received that favor. To be blessed is to be favored, fortunate, privileged, or happy.

This past year I’ve truly been blessed. I have seen God’s favor in my life in so many ways. 

My youngest daughter even gave me the cutest little kleenex container for Christmas.  Hand made out of a Mason jar. Inscribed with the words “Bless You” upon it. I want to do just that…Bless YOU! 

This year I want to be a blessing, not just receive them! To others. Everywhere I go. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being blessed. Truth is I really don’t know how to handle it. It’s not been my norm for quite some time. But that never changed my faith or my love for my God.

A blessing is the act or words of someone who blesses. I want my words and actions to bless others.

How about you? Is it time for a little blessing to fall on your life or is it time for you to be the blessing?

Let’s all be a blessing to others! In the little things. Every day. It costs nothing! Yet it’s oh so simple to do. Always say thank you. Smile. Hold a door open. Help carry a package. Pray for others. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let others see the Christ in you.

Thank you for your love and support this past year my blog followers! You’ve blessed me with your likes and comments. ❤ Here’s hoping 2018 allows me to in turn be a blessing to you!

Blessed are those who fear the Lord who find great delight in his commands.                                          Psalm 112:1

Love and laughter,



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