Good morning!  

My first day of winter break began bright and early with me in the dentist chair by 8:00 a.m. For part two of three to complete my dental implant. 

Merry Christmas to me from me! Stitches, an abutment screwed into my bone, and a credit card balance to match was not on my Christmas list for sure, but it had to be done. 

Several months prior I was flossing my teeth and my crown had popped off. It was a root canal tooth, the post was broken, and it was the only way I could replace it.  

Hopefully now you can no longer say I have a screw loose. 

An implant is the newest technique to permantly replace missing teeth. 

Implant means to insert, fix, make steadfast, embed, bury, lodge, place, or graft. 

That got me thinking. 

Let’s all “implant” Christ in our lives. Permanently embed him in our hearts for eternity. No stitches required. 

Thank you to my dental crew for keeping me in tip top dental shape. For “implanting” the necessary technology in my mouth. I love you guys! But greater thanks to Christ for implanting his spirit in my soul for all eternity.  

How about you? What do you need to implant? Might I suggest burying Christ in your heart today! 

My heart O God is steadfast, my heart is steadfast.                                        Psalm 57:7 

Love and laughter, 



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