Is it Winter yet? 

Good morning! 

Every day in room 309 we discuss the date and the weather. Every day I ask, “What season is it?”  And every day my kids say, “Is it winter yet?” 

They are done with fall. Once thanksgiving came and went they were done with it. Just like many of us. Christmas lights go up. Lists for Santa are made. Shopping starts. Baking begins. Temperature’s drop.  

It’s felt like winter to me for quite awhile! But it’s not. 

So today’s forecast: on this first day of winter is this: high 66, low 39. It’s presently warm out. For winter. But just wait! Until tonight! We just may be singing “Baby it’s cold outside.”

Winter does not officially commence until December 21. Today! It is now winter. ❄

The first day of school winter break begins on the first day of winter. The crazy thing is, winter does not end until March 20. To most of us, that should be spring!

May each of you enjoy your winter break. Bundle up! We do each evening as we walk our dog. Sit by your fireplaces! I intend to do so! Here’s to hoping for a White.Christmas!  After all, it is finally winter!

For to the snow he says, fall on the earth.                                                       Job 37:6

Love and laughter,



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