Good morning! 

As I review my last semester, I’m afraid I’ve come to the realization that my students have taught me more than I have taught them. 

The more I teach the more I learn.

They’ve taught me what true unconditional love is all about. They’ve taught me to see life through the eyes of poverty. They’ve taught me that some things work and some things don’t, and those that don’t, just pitch them, and try again tomorrow.

I wanted to teach, but my new endeavor has me running scared.  There’s a big difference between students with intellectual disabilities  and fourth graders that are performing below standards.

 Do I have the capabilities to teach a room full of 4th graders up to speed using today’s strategies? In reading and writing and arithmetic? 

There are plenty of resources. I just need to pull them, and fast! And acquaint myself with them. So much information.  So little time. I just don’t feel equipped.

As I was preparing my blog the other morning, I was thinking about it, and it occurred to me that that’s exactly how Christ does it.  He calls the unequipped. 

That’s the miracle of how he works. Do you think Noah really thought he could build that big of an ark and hold that many animals? Do you think Moses really thought he could part the Red Sea? Do you think David really thought he could slay Goliath? I don’t think so! 

It’s called faith. All it takes is a little mustard seed worth.

So this morning I’m turning that frown of fear upside down to a grin, and smiling, as I remember all the miraculous ways of my God.  If he did all that, he can certainly equip me to teach 4th grade.

How about you? Is there an area in your life you are feeling unequipped in right about now? Don’t despair!  Our God has got this! It’s his best canvas to work on! Just have a little faith. And see what he can teach you today!

So that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.                                      2 Timorhy 3:17

Love and laughter,



2 thoughts on “Teach 

  1. Sandy, with your faith and determination you will do just fine in the 4th grade. You went through the grueling BOOT CAMP with flying colors, you will conquer this challenge with
    a smile on your face and love for your students like you share with all those with whom you come in contact with. Hugs, Aunt Barb


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