Good morning! 

In room 309 we have been on the countdown for the twelve days of Christmas.  Backwards to the last day before we go on break. Each day my students have to tell me how many days counting down from 12 until break. Then they can go to their stocking and see what gift from Santa (he’s appointed me to be his helper) that day brings.

One gift a day. Sometimes it’s to eat. Candy. Fruit.. Sometimes it’s to play with. Flarp. Silly string.  Sometimes it’s educational. Something they wanted from the Book Fair. Crayons and coloring sheets. Sometimes it’s something they need. Christmas socks, chapstick. The other day they got two things! A chapstick and this!

One of my youngest students had painstakingly torn a piece of paper for each student out of his writing journal, and had written them each a note, and put it in each of their stockings as his gift. 

It was his surprise. He’d asked Mrs Carnes how to spell Merry Christmas. But that was all. He wanted to give each of his classmates a gift. It was so precious.  It was all he had to give. 

You have to understand, he can barely read and write. This truly was painstakingly done!

We all should be a little more like Matthew J. this yeat at Christmas. Forget the monetary presents. Instead offer gifts from our hearts.

God has equipped each of us with certain gifts. Gifts that help show us our calling.

God has recently given me the gift of teaching. I’d guess Matthew’s gift to be giving. 

What gift can you give to others this year from your heart that pushes you outside your comfort zone?

I choose the gift of attention. My undivided attention. To give to each of my students. And family and friends.  I’m always preoccupied with something. Plus, I’m sure I’m ADD. I sometimes listen, but am not totally engaged. I want to give my total attention. To all. 

It will help me be a better teacher. And wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Listen more, talk less. Undivided. We only learn when others talk, not ourselves. 

Let’s all lighten our Christmas budgets this year, and give a few gifts from the heart!

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.                                            1 Peter 4:10

Love and laughter,



3 thoughts on “Gifts 

  1. Sandy, you are God’s gift to 309! I am so proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas to you and your class.
    Hugs, Aunt Barb


  2. Sandy, I go back and re-read your daily blogs and come away with such inspirational blessings.
    Thank you so much for your insight into
    the scriptures your love for Jesus shines in every word.
    Blessings Aunt Joannie

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