The Stockings Were Hung

Good morning! 

Today denotes twelve more school days until Christmas break. So guess what that means? 

The twelve days of Christmas!

Each of my dozen students has a stocking hung in room 309. There are no chimneys to hang them by. Except for the paper one I made, that is. But they are hung with care. By me.  

Through the stockings, I hope to teach them. For some, this is all the Christmas they will receive.  

There are twelve gifts for each of them in their stockings. One for each day. I want to teach them about patience, one of their Toolbox skills. One gift a day. One day at a time. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. 

I hope to teach them about just being a kid. To play. To imagine. To learn. To explore. To laugh. To simply have fun. With gifts just for kids. Things like nail polish and jewelry for the girls. And balls and legos for the boys. Christmas socks, candy canes, chocolate candy coins, popcorn, hot chocolate, crayons, coloring books, card games, slime and bubbles for all. 

To teach them about good clean living. With things like toothbrushes and chapstick and the necessities we all need. And also by modeling healthy words and deeds along the way.

And I hope to teach them about love. And believing in something. Something greater than themselves. And also believing in themselves.  

Their last gift is a bell. To represent believing. After watching The Polar Express. Attached to it is a letter.  To each one of them personally written by me. About their strengths. About what they mean to me. About what I believe they can accomplish. 

This Christmas, may your stockings be hung by your chimneys with care. And may they be filled with those things you need and desire. And may your hearts be filled as well. With love!

Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.                                                    Luke 3:11

Love and laughter,



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