Good morning! 

How would you answer this one question if you sat upon Santa’s knee?

What do you want for Christmas? 

I know for me, I don’t want things. In attempt to join two households and prepare for our remodel, I’ve spent many months cleaning out things. Some I didn’t even know I had.  I don’t want or need things.

What I do want for Christmas is a tube of the glue that will mend broken hearts. That’s what I want. An extra large tube if I’m allowed my choice of  sizes.

My job has changed me.

I no longer want. To take. But to give. To those who can’t for themselves.  Or their children. 

Funny thing. At school, we daily review our ToolBox, our social skills.  Toolbox tool number 9 is apology and forgiveness. The icon for it is glue. A bottle of glue.

It takes apology and forgiveness to mend broken relationships. It’s the glue that holds it all together. 

Inot my current place of employment, I see too many broken. I want a big bottle of glue. 

To fix them.

I know I can’t. And that kind of breaks my own heart a little. 😔💔

But Jesus can. He’s the glue we all can rely on. Super glue to the infinity power. 

May this Christmas bring you everything you want. 

For me, I’m so blessed. I have everything I want, and then some.  I want to give. 

So if you happen to find a bottle of glue in your stocking this year, just know I put in a good word. Not to Santa, but to the glue that mends all. Jesus Christ.          

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.                  Psalm 147 3

Love and laughter,



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