Hot Cocoa Curriculum

Good morning! 

Nothing warms you on the inside like a big steamy mug of hot chocolate when it’s BRRRR cold outside. With marshmallows!

It’s that time of year! This week we are doing Hot Chocolate Curriculum. Reading and writing and math and science. The whole curriculum in a mug! 

We’ll count marshmallows, adding and subtracting them from our paper mugs we will each color. We’ll play sight word bingo using marshmallows as our markers. We’ll read books about hot chocolate. We’ll spell words like hot and mug and cup. We’ll take the temperature of hot chocolate in a plastic cup, Styrofoam cup, and ceramic cup seeing which retains heat better. We’ll make hot chocolate with cold water, warm water and hot water and see which dissolves the powder better. And we’ll wear our pajamas and drink hot chocolate and watch Polar Express.  

Why not pull up a comfy seat, pour yourself a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and slowly sip it as you get lost in God’s word today? Just taste and see how good he is! ☕

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

Love and laughter,



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