The Right Stuff

Good morning! 

Last Tuesday night we ordered Mazzios’ delivery for dinner. 

School would be out for the remainder of the week. We would be driving to Dallas the next morning for a few days full of family festivities. With food being the focus. 

So we wanted a quiet, intimate evening spent in that was light with no leftovers for dinner. Delivery? Yes! Wings and a salad to share was called in as our choice. In case you didn’t know, that’s one of Tulsa’s best kept secrets, Mazzios’ wings. They trump their pizza. 

The total was $22.20.

When the doorbell rang and the delivery man handed me our dinner, I reciprocated with his cash. I had several $5.00 bills in my wallet, so I grabbed six of them, handed them to him, and told him “Happy Thanksgiving!”  

Moments later the doorbell rang. The delivery driver stood at the door with a $100 bill in his hand. He said he believed I overpaid. I gave him the wrong amount. I inadvertently had grabbed the $100 bill in my wallet behind my fives. Offering him one hundred dollars as his tip rather than five. 

He was a man of great character. And integrity. He did what was right. Just like Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, whose face can be found on the bill.

How about you? Has your life exemplified such great character that your face could be dollar bill material?

Let’s all do what is right. And I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story.  I made a call back to Mazzios, and reported their driver. Caught in the act. Caught in the act of doing something good. Doing the right thing. Let’s hope his boss praised him, too, for doing the right thing!

Let’s all take that challenge. Let’s try to catch others doing something right. And when we do, let’s offer them praise! It’s the right thing to do!

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.  Proverbs 21:3

Love and laughter,



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