Good morning! 

This week I have meetings or some sort of training every day of the week! Staff meeting on Monday. Behavior plan training on Tuesday. IEP meeting on Wednesday. DLM testing training on Thursday. Behavior plan meeting on Friday. 

That’s the part I like the least about my job. All the after school work.  That and all the paperwork. It often overwhelms me.  But that’s ok. it’s all worth it. When my kids enter the door. And some says, when they exit it. 😉After all, didn’t I just have the last three days off? 😊  

And once my work week is completed, I plan to finish it off by joining my husband at the first Friday art crawl. No pun intended.  I’ll probably be crawling after my full week of school, and all it’s after school requirements.

If it wasn’t for my smartphone, and all my alarms and calendar, I could never keep up. 

And then there’s Christmas to add to the mix with all its gift buying and festivities to schedule in. 

How about you? Is your calendar overbooked?  Do you rarely have a moment to be still?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life! Sometimes I’m just so busy, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. That’s when I need to stop. And be still. And remember.

I want my life to be full. Not just my calendar. With the good stuff. The right stuff. Not just “busyness”. I know I have to take care of my “business” which I have little control over, but not my busyness. That I can control.

Let’s all take a moment each day especially before the holidays approach, and be still. And remember. And know He is God. 

We don’t have to do it all. Just the good stuff. The right stuff. The stuff God has put before us in his plan. The rest, the busyness, is sometimes the work of the devil to distract us from what we really should be focusing on each day. 

Here’s to clearing off some of the busyness from our lives. Clearing some space off our calendars each day. To just be still, spend a little time with our Father, and know He is God.

Be still and know that I am God.    Psalm 46:10

Love and laughter,



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