Prayer in the Classroom

Good morning! 

Beginning with the June 25, 1962, United State’s Supreme Court landmark case, 370 U.S. 421, Engel vs Vitale, we no longer have prayer in schools. Separation of church and state. 

Being a new teacher, I abide by it. Out loud that is. 😉

The other day, I have to tell you, I saw the most precious thing go down in room 309. Several of my students were at the computers working. Two of my older boys were sitting next to each other. They were getting ready to each take a Reading Counts test. You read a book and take a test over it on the computer, and then get points for it.  Those points in 25 point increments then turn into beads on a chain for each student in the school.

All of a sudden the one boy folded his hands and loud and clear began to pray! “Dear God, help me take this test. I love you man!” The other one chimed in beside him. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair! Priceless. Out of the mouths of babes!

I live in the bible belt, the city with the world’s largest praying hands made of 39 tons of bronze, so prayer is no stranger to me. But coming from two little boys so impromptu caught me off guard. It was absolutely priceless. 

That’s the kind of peer pressure I want in my classroom!

In spite of some of the challenges we face working in a title 1 school with language deficits, broken homes, and poverty running rampant, somewhere, somehow, somebody did something right.

Here’s to prayer in the classroom, and the naivety of young men that don’t know or understand that it’s been taken away. That’s one lesson where hands on training is mandatory! 

I love you boys! ❤

Pray without ceasing.                              1 Thessalonian’s 5:17

Love and laughter,



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