Hostess With The Mostest

Good morning! 

We recently headed south. Not like the birds for the winter, but rather to the Dallas area for Thanksgiving.

We stayed with my brother and sister in law and nephew in their beautiful home. 

What a treat! 

My sweet sister in law puts the mostest in the phrase “hostess with the mostest”.  

It was like staying at The Ritz, but better! This was waiting for us in the bathroom. Our own personal toiletries. Plus toothbrushes! The Ritz doesn’t even do that! 

She and her sister both definitely have the gift of hospitality. Fabulous entertainers. Both have a way of making others feel welcomed and loved. It’s a gift. A gift I graciously received from them this past Thanksgiving. 

Before you get out pen and paper and start making out those Christmas lists, remember this, it’s better to give than receive. Give the gift of hospitality. 

Let’s all be hospitable to others. Especially at this Christmas time of year when lines are longer and patience are shorter. My parents always taught me to leave the front door open. Invite guests in with a welcoming heart. Anyone who needs a place to go. It’s what we’re called to do.

Thank you Kim! And Paige! ❤❤

Be hospitable to one another without complaint.                                                  1 Peter 4:9

Love and laughter,



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