Good morning! 

Today I come to you with a heavy heart. One of my students was recently suspended for theft. I caught her red-handed in my classroom.  

Our policy is that a referral must be filled out and sent to our admin and counseling staff. 

What breaks my heart is not that I caught her. It is not that I had to turn her in. It’s not even that her consequence was suspension.

What breaks my heart is that we have 3rd grade students, little girls, walking around in our school system, in our city, without the proper guidance and leadership from their homes. That’s what breaks my heart. 😢

There’s no Jesus in our school systems. And there’s no Jesus in many of our homes. That’s what breaks my heart.

I’ve found my niche. I can tell you, it’s  teaching. But truly, it’s loving. I love my students first, then I teach them. I teach them much more than phonetics and take away, as they call it. I teach them values. And manners.  

But today I feel like I failed. Perhaps I did not love this little girl enough. I did not teach enough by example. I did not pay close enough attention.  Or maybe somewhere along the way she’s gotten lost and does not feel the love and safety and guidance that is so necessary in bringing up our youth of today. 

The value of the items stolen is irrelevant. What was stolen from me was my trust in her. The lesson I taught her when I confronted her was not about reading or writing or arithmetic. It was about life, making the right choices. 

I hope and pray that this incident changes her ways and prevents her from a lifetime of crime, something that is often associated with poverty.

My heart is heavy questioning whether I can do this. Whether I can actually make a difference at all. 

I know I’m told that I can be the change I want to see in this world, but that’s a heavy cross to bear with some of my students. But my burden is lifted when I look to Jesus, and I know all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

 I pray my student can take that same lesson to heart. All things are possible with Christ. To not steal. To be forgiven. To rise above poverty.

What she doesn’t understand is what was really stolen here. They weren’t things. They were trust. Honesty. Character. 

She allowed Satan to rob her of such things. She is not even the true thief here. Satan is. Stealing things from her that money can’t buy.

Let’s all make sure we are living our lives full and complete. Helping make this world a better place.With a purpose and a plan. Let’s not let them be stolen. By Satan. Or anyone else.

Though shalt not steal.                  Exodus 20:15

Love and laughter, 



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