Good morning! 

As I was driving to school the other day I was listening to K-Love radio station. They were discussing Gideon’s Bibles.  That if you took one from a hotel room it really was not stealing. That the whole concept of Gideon’s Bible was to share them with the world.

Who was Gideon anyway? (A military leader, judge, and prophet found in the book of Judges.) 

And don’t you just wish you had a little bit of Gideon in your lineage? Where you could spread the word of God everywhere you went? Have you ever been in a hotel room that did not contain a Gideon’s Bible? I haven’t! 

My thought today is let’s all be more like Gideon in a hurting world. Let’s be found in every room sharing the word of God, sharing the precepts of God, and who knows, someone just might leave the light on for you!  

And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.                                             Mark 16:15

Love and laughter, 



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