Life Lessons

Good morning! 

At Kendall-Whittier this week and next you can buy a turkey gram for $0.50. They look like this.

The reason I know is because I got one. From one of my students. The reason I shared with you the turkey gram cost of $0.50  is to compare and contrast. The story behind it is worth far greater than $0.50, it’s priceless. 

At the end of the day on Wednesday my students were going to the Smartboard and writing sight words. Normally they try to read them from flashcards. Today was different.  My para was reading them to them and they had to listen and sound them out and write what they heard, words they had seen before amongst the flashcards. 

One of my stronger students wanted to go first. I let him to model to the class how it was done. He was given the word “together”, a difficult word for my class, but he spelled it correctly and wrote it with ease. He is a 4th grader. One of my 5th graders wanted to go next. My para gave him the word “please” from the group of flashcards. He spelled it p l e z. The 4th grader that had just finished laughed. It immediately infuriated my 5th grader, first that he had failed, next, to be laughed at and beaten in his eyes by someone younger. He proceeded to hit himself in the head, then came the tears. My para ever so gently escorted him out of the room and consoled him. 

He didn’t come back to school the next day. 😔 I tried calling his home to check on him, but their phone number had been disconnected. I knew if I reached them his mother only spoke Spanish. I’d have to use the language line or have one of the front office ladies speak to her for me. My heart sunk that I couldn’t do anything to fix this. All I could do was wait. Until he returned.

 We have Toolbox time each morning, a program where we talk about social skills, ways to handle our emotions, and how we can better treat others. That next morning I spoke on choosing the right words, using kindness, building up not tearing down others. I told a story to my class very similar to the prior day’s incident, and asked them how they would feel being laughed at. What could we do instead?

The very next day there was a turkey gram delivered to my class for the 5th grader from the 4th grader as well as one for the other fifth grader that sat at his table. And one for me. $0.50 for each turkey gram. Priceless was the lesson learned, 

I was so touched that my fourth grader knew exactly who I was speaking about when I told my story with no names. It evidently touched his heart that he had hurt his fellow classmate and friend. He brought his money to school to fix it the only way he knew how, by buying him a turkey gram to make it all better. And one for me as well! ❤

You have to understand. This is a title 1 school. $0.50 is a big deal. To many of my students, they may never have $0.50 to buy a turkey gram.

Let’s all learn a lesson from the little turkey grams, let’s all use kind words. Build up, not tear down. And when we fail and act like turkeys, let’s all remember, a sweet treat is a wonderful way to make things better!

 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouth but only such as is good for building up as fits the occasion that it may give Grace to those who hear.    Ephesians 4:29

Love and laughter,



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