What’s for breakfast? 

Good morning! 

Each morning at school I stand at the crossroads of the blue hall directing students to either the gym or the cafeteria, diverting them from the classrooms before school begins. Littles go to the cafeteria. For breakfast. Bigs to the gym. For their morning meeting. Thrn to their rooms for breakfast. I greet each one of them with a smile and a warm good morning. 😊 

That’s because I’m full. My body and soul. I’ve already had my breakfast. They have not. 

After a good morning greeting and a kiss ftom the best guy in the world, I start my day with a hot cup of coffee and my bible. I meet God for beakfast in bed each morning.

My students have their breakfast at school. Their free hot breakfast.

What’s for breakfast at your house?

Do you start your day with a good hot breakfast for your physical well-being or a few moments in your Bible for your spiritual well being?

I hope you answer, both! Both are important. One lasts temporarily. Until lunch. The other lasts permanently. Through eternity. 

Here’s to breakfast!  The most important meal of the day!  May yours be both physically and spiritually satisfying!  

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast. ” None of the disciples ventured to question him, “Who are you?” Knowing that it was the Lord.      John 21:12

Love and laughter,



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