Good morning! 

It’s November. The month we celebrate being thankful.

The Pilgrims started it at Plymouth Rock in 1621. Let’s all continue it today. And every day.

Let’s all continuously be wrapped in an attitude of gratitude.  Even amidst turmoil, there is always something to be thankful about. Let’s all find it. It’s the desire of God’s heart. Let’s make it the desire of ours as well.

What are you thankful for this day? This year?

My list is endless! I am blessed! As my dear Aunt Barb always says, “I’m blessed beyond belief!” I hope you are too! God has truly blessed me with a season of blessings! But with that, know that heartache and loss have touched my life on many an occasion. None of us are bulletproof.  That’s why I’m thankful I have a God beside me in good times and bad. 

Let’s all practice all month long, not just on Thanksgiving, giving thanks. Being thankful.  Then continue it all year long. Every day.

I’m thankful for you! May your day be blessed my friends! ā¤

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.                                                          1  Thessolonians 5:18

Love and laughter,



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