Good morning!

It’s that time.  Time for report cards to be sent home.

Time to assess the first quarter of work. The grades for my students. 

Being a special education teacher, I not only give out grades for my students, but I also give out accommodations and modifications to assist my students in their learning process. These accommodations and modifications are unique to each individual student to meet their needs at their current level. Not at their grade level. Their goals and standards are found in their IEPs, not so much the Oklahoma State Department of Education grade level standards. 

It’s time to reveal how they measure up. 

How do you measure up? Through the eyes of your teacher. 

There is greater responsibility expected from me now that I am a teacher. I am not only judged by the progress of my students, the observations and evaluations of my admin, but also by my God. That’s the final grade I surely want to pass.

How about you? 

God’s standards are the standards I want to measure up to each day. 

My students have not exceeded or met their standards. But they are approaching them. They are  progressing. I want to exceed, surpass my standards through God’s eyes. I want to leave this earth on God’s honor roll! I want to master his standards! But only by his guidance could I ever stand a chance of doing so. I’m human. We all are.

Let’s all be wise and follow the God appointed standards for our lives, so when all is said and done, we measure up!

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.                Corinthians 10:12

Love and laughter. 



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