Good morning! 

If you live in Oklahoma, you were most likely found sporting either America’s brightest orange or crimson and cream on Saturday. 

There were many a house divided in our fair state. And beyond. The game of all games.  The game that has been going on since 1904. Bedlam.

I remember back to when I had one daughter at the University of Oklahoma and one at Oklahoma State at the same time. Sister against sister. A house divided. Bedlam.

Saturday we had Mayfield vs. Rudolph. Quarterback against quarterback. Friend against friend. Bedlam.

Rivalry at its finest. 

Saturday brought friends against friends. Brothers and sisters against brothers and sisters. A battle until the end. 

What a game! 38-38 half time score. Neither team ever gave up. So fun to watch! Definitely kept you on the edge of your seat! 

No matter what the score. No matter which team you chose. It was a battle to the end. Talent beyond measure battling until the final end.

We all know there is a much greater batitle we all must fight. Good vs. Evil. Qne that will see friends against friends, brothers against brothers. 

The choice is yours. You must pick one side or the other.

Which will you choose?

It’s a personal choice. For me,  it’s the winning side. I choose Good. I choose God.

Saturday I wore orange. But in life I choose to wear white.  Figuratively speaking. (Although. I’m often found literally wearing black.) I choose to wrap myself in God’s purity and goodness. White. 

Just like the bedlam game, the battle is already won.  It’s behind us. But our personal victories are not. 

Each day we battle. Something.  Let’s all battle against evil. Let’s make a choice for good. The good choice. And leave the bedlam for the game field between the Sooner and the Cowboys. Great game boys!

Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child, children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.                      Matthew 10:21

Love and laughter, 



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