Lavender Cake

Good morning!

Thursday after school one of my colleagues from Kendall-Whittier voluntarily gave up her precious time to share some of her teaching strategies and curriculum with myself and another fellow teacher. This is her last year of teaching. She will be retiring. She is passing on her legacy. Her wisdom. Her experience. Her secrets. Her successes. With me. And I’m honored. 

As we parted that day, our conversation soon drifted to dinner, then chicken, then Bread and Butter Kitchen and Bakery, then lavender cake. She shared with us that she loves their lavender cake.

So I went and got some. They had two pieces left. One for her and one for me. Mine to share with my husband. After all, it did come highly recommended by her. I had to try it. 

Who said God doesn’t give us the desires of our heart? She and I both got ours. It was a win-win kind of day! 

If you read my blog this summer, you might remember I had lavender lemonade at a wedding. That I fell in love with at first sip. I couldn’t wait to try lavender cake!  lt looked and smelled divine!

And it tasted divine as well! There’s no words to describe it! You just have to try it! It’s like a field of tiny purple flowers exploding in your mouth ever so subtly. It may just be my new favorite!

No wonder I love lavender so! Even God loves it! It just may be on the banquet tables in heaven! It made it into the bible!

Mint and lavender and all are herbs aromatic.    The Message                          Song of Solomon 4:14

Thank you Mrs. Price! For sharing your knowledge and your love for lavender cake! 

Love and laughter,



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