Good morning! 

Yesterday was visual overload for me.  I saw more people in costume in one day than I’ve probably seen in my entire lifetime!  

I participated in Trunk or Treat at the elementary school where I work from 3-5. It’s the largest elementary school in Tulsa Public Schools with an enrollment close to a thousand. Add siblings to our students coming out for free candy and hotdogs,  and you see plethora of costumes! 

Then I attended a Halloween soiree last evening at The Brady. Fill that theatre with adults in costume, and you see everything imaginable. And some you’d rather not imagine! 

The invitation stated black tie or costume required. 

Seeing that my husband is the James Bond kind of guy that he is, we opted for the black tie ensemble. He had a tux, and I easily mustered up a little black dress.


That’s how most chose to come.

I love people watching! There were costumes galore. The couple that accompanied us went as Freud and a Freudian Slip. 

As I sit here and write this, my mind spins with the sights I saw. Such creativity! Pinterest at its finest! Lots of money went into lots of costumes last night.


It works fine for a Halloween party. But how about you? Are you going through life incognito? Hiding the real you behind a mask or makeup? Ashamed of revealing the true you for others to see?

My advice to you is to be real. Genuine. Transparent.  Have no secrets. It’s liberating! It’s how God wants us to be! Take off your mask! Leave it at the Brady! 

Put on the real you that God created you to be! Be proud of who you are. Ask forgiveness for anything that you’re not and start over. Today.   

God sees all and knows all. Mask or no mask.  

Let’s all enjoy the festivities of a day or two of being incognito, but let’s wear the true identity that God created for each of us when the costumes come off at three strikes past the bewitching hour.   

And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.                Hebrews 4:1 

Love and laughter,



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