Good morning! 

It’s beginning to feel like fall. That chill in the air means it’s fireplace season. I love nothing more than sitting in front of a crackling fire, watching the flames flicker. 

But today I come to you with a heavy heart. In my younger years I loved the Michael Martin Murphey song, Wildfire. Today I’m not loving wildfire quite so much.

Wildfires have consumed the beautiful wine country of Santa Rosa, California, presently bringing with them massive destruction of land and property and a death toll of at least 17.  

I had an aunt once living there, and I worked for a travel agency located there from my home here in Tulsa for many years. I’m quite familiar with the area.

Let’s all say a prayer for those affected by these devastating wildfires.

The only consuming fire reference I want to hear is that one from our Old Testament readings describing my God. Meaning he has the power to wipe out, destroy, consume, and cleanse any situation he so desires. 

He is a good God. He is not the source of those wildfires. But our prayers can be the source to request his healing on those lands. Let’s join together and spread a blanket of prayer across that land that consumes the wildfire.

Let’s all be careful to keep fire contained in the fireplaces and firepits designed to keep it under control, so we can enjoy it as it is intended. To heat and to cook.

For our God is a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12:29

Love and not so much laughter today,



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