Manna From Heaven

Good morning! 

We are doing Trunk or Treat at the elementary school where I work on the Saturday before Halloween. Each team has a theme. The SPED team is doing favorite book characters. I am dressing up as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. Only because I ran across the costume dirt cheap. It fell into my lap like manna from heaven. In just my size. 

I do love Peter Pan. Never grow up is sort of my mantra. And I’m all about a little faith, trust, and pixie dust to get you through the day. Only my pixie dust is disguised as chocolate. 

I needed to pick up a copy of Peter Pan to go along with the theme. And this past Saturday I ran into the dollar store to pick up some items for my class. This next week’s lesson plans revolve around the Pumpkin theme and I ran in to see what I could find.

There it was! A copy of Peter Pan when I wasn’t even there looking for it. Again dirt cheap.

A pop up book, no less! It fell in my lap like manna from heaven.

I love those moments in life. When you just can’t help but know there is a God. A God that provides for you. Just what you need when you need it. Your daily provision. Just like he did for the israelites. He provided their daily bread. Manna. It fell from heaven. He also provides for me. 

First a job. Then a husband. And now my Trunk or Treat necessities. All surpassing my greatest expectations. Why? Because they fell from heaven. My manna. From my God. Every day. A little something.  A little manna.

What’s your manna?

I encourage each of you to be on the lookout. You never know when it will fall. But when it does, you’ll know. It won’t be from neverland, but heaven. 

You provided bread from heaven for them for their hunger.            Nehemiah 9:15

Love and lsughter,



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