Good morning! 

Saturday evening was a beautiful night! And on Saturday, we had attended a most endearing gala. A wedding shower for a young couple with a Mexican theme. Spent outdoors around the pool of a breathtaking property hidden away in south Tulsa. It was complete with a margarita machine, catering from Ted’s, and live music. 

We came home that evening to our routine walking of the dog to see this.

A beautiful full moon!

Our stomachs were full. Our hearts were full. And so was the moon!

As I gazed upon the beautiful sight, I was reminded of just how “full”  my life really was. 

I have a new marriage. I love my husband to the moon and back! I have a new job. I love my students, my school, and my collegeagues. My first day with them all had begun with a total solar eclipse.  I have a home that my father built being restored to today’s standards by that wonderful husband of mine. Allowing my aging father to see life being breathed back into it. As he lives out his days in its comfort and familiarity. Both on the restoration front and with all of us living there. Together.

How about you? Is your life full?

My advice to you is to not measure its fullness totally by things. By possessions. But rather by those things that money can’t buy. By love. By relationship. By the number of lives who have touched you and the number of lives that you have touched. By the love of God that remains in your heart. 

My life is full. My prayer is for yours to be the same. 

Sound the ram’s horn at the new moon, and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival.                      Psalm 81:3

Love  and  laughter,



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